“Sound Design” and “Music & Media” Courses at COMD, Bilkent University



This term (2016-2017 Fall), I am offering two sections for COMD-361 Sound Design (15 students per section). I will offer the redesigned COMD-362 Sound Design II (15 students) and COMD-363 Music & Media (20 students) in 2016-2017 Spring semester. All undergraduate students at Bilkent University are welcome. For catalog descriptions at Bilkent University’s web site please click on the names of the courses.

Both Sound Design I and Music and Media are offered as elective courses, without prerequisities, so no technical or musical background is required. Sound Design II has a prerequisite (Sound Design I), but if you have experience in working with sound please contact me so that we can discuss your admittance to the course.


COMD-361 Sound Design

COMD-361 Sound Design is an introductory course designed to create and improve students’ awareness of and respect for sound in relation to visual media. Students are introduced to basic audio production and post-production techniques for video and film.


COMD-362 Sound Design II

COMD-362 Sound Design II is the continuation of COMD-361 Sound Design. Students are introduced to advanced audio post-production techniques for video and film. This course also explores components and creative potential of sound design in order to enhance communication through artistic and expressive uses of sound.


Here’s a video, a project created by Serda Ceren Sağbaş and Arda Tezok as a sound design term project. Except for the bass guitar, the music does not contain any “real” instruments or synthesizers… All the sounds that you hear in the song are sampled and manipulated sounds of keys, keychains, zipper, dice etc., and sounds that they made by their mouths or by their hands…

The following are links for photos from past Sound Design courses (Facebook albums):

Album 1 – Album 2 – Album 3 – Album 4


COMD-363 Music & Media

COMD-363 Music and Media explores theories and practices of music and music technologies in relation to both ‘traditional’ and ‘new’ media. It covers variety of perspectives including artistic, industrial and cultural dimensions.

Below are some titles of resarch projects conducted in the course:

  • The Role of Streaming Music in Today’s Life and in the Future
  • Contemporary Copyright Debates and the Turkish Law
  • Crowd-Sourcing: New Face of the Music Industry
  • Social Media Goes Gaga
  • Cutting Out the Middleman in the Music Industry
  • Comparison of Radiohead’s Social Media Stategies with Bobby Owsinski’s Social Media Criteria
  • Where Do We Go From Here? Is the Next Step for Sexual Exploitation in Pop Culture Going To Be A Step Back?
  • The Significance of Music in Identity Construction of Baltics Sea States: The Events of Singing Revolution
  • The Album Sale Experiment of “Pay-What- You-Want” System, Its Efficiency for the Music Industry and the Possible Outcomes of the Idea
  • Analyzing Pearl Jam’s Ticketmaster Boycott
  • Media Killed The Rockstar
  • Analyzing Turkey’s Music Copyright System in Last 10 Years
  • Does Soundtrack Create a Different Image or Is It Just a Reminder of that Movie?
  • How Does the New Way of Marketing in Music Industry Change the Four Components of the Marketing Mix (Product, Place, Price, Promotion)?
  • Woodstock And Live Aid: The Impact of Media On Public Opinion
  • The Role of Brand Imagery and Visuality in Rock and Metal Music
  • How Does Media Create and Use the Phenomenon of “27”?
  • From Interim Injunction to the Distinctive Course of Banning
  • Social Media: An Alternative Way of Music Distribution
  • How music contests in the media, impress or influence the music sector, The Voice of United States and O Ses Türkiye?
  • How Did the Image of Turkish Folk Music and Musicians Changed in Public’s Mind and Did the Media (Private Television) Have an Effect on This Process?
  • How Are The Album Sales Effected By the Censorship in Music?


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