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Onen_SesKayit_Kitap_Kapak_500wSes Kayıt ve Müzik Teknolojileri

Audio Recording and Music Technologies (English title)

Ufuk Önen

Ninth printing published by Citlembik, Istanbul 2015

Expanded edition (8th printing) published by Citlembik, Istanbul, 2014.

Original edition published by Citlembik, Istanbul, 2007.

The first reference book in Turkish language in the fields of audio recording and music technology, used as a standard manuscript in many universities and schools throughout Turkey.

Contains 14 chapters, 12 appendices, glossary, references, index.

480 pages, 200+ photographs, tables and illustrations.

First printing: May 2007. Second printing: December 2007. Third printing: December 2008. Fourth printing: February 2010. Fifth printing: October 2011. Sixth printing: December 2012. Seventh printing: May 2013. Eight printing (revised and expanded edition): May 2014. Ninth printing: March 2016.


Onen-Pasinlioglu_Synth_Kitap_Kapak_500wSynthesizer Teknolojileri ve Programlama

Synthesizer Technologies and Programming (English title)

Ufuk Önen & Teoman Pasinlioglu

Second printing published by Citlembik, Istanbul, 2016

Original edition published by Citlembik, Istanbul, 2011.

5 chapters, references, index.

216 pages, 110 photographs, tables and illustrations.



miks kap-versiyon1b*.inddMiks Üzerine: Müzik Prodüksiyonlarında Miks Teknikleri ve Çeşitli Yaklaşımlar

On Mixing: Techniques and Various Approaches in Mixing Music (English title)

Ufuk Önen

Published by Citlembik, Istanbul, 2016.

Includes 15 interviews.

192 pages.

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